Top 5 Marketing Tools for Startups

Startups face a lot of challenges of translating their passion, desire, and ideas into profits. If you want to spike your business, then you need to find a system that will support your goals. Considering the progress of technology, you no longer have to rely on the manual process. Nowadays, there are a lot of powerful tools that can offer you amazing features for the price that won’t break your bank account. So, here are the top five tools which can significantly improve your business and boost up your marketing strategy.


This is an all-inclusive software designed for marketing automation. It includes email, social media marketing, analytics, SEO and content management. Hubspot can assist you to achieve optimal conversion and ensures you to follow leads. The software is an excellent solution for startups because it offers a free version of their platform. You can try the free version, and if it proves useful for your business, you can switch to premium one. We can assure you this platform will help you improve your business significantly.


If you are looking for the ways to improve your email marketing, then Robly is an excellent choice for you. It will manage not only your internal emails but also external ones. It features scheduling and planning events as well. The system is user-friendly and cost-effective. You can use the free trial to see whether the platform matches your needs. Even if you decide to pay for a premium version, it won’t break your budget.


Emma is an excellent platform for all startups and a great email marketing system. It is easy to learn and navigate, and it will provide you a variety of email templates that you can explore. You can use this platform to create newsletters in order to deliver information internally and externally.


Following the leads and keeping track of your customers is a form of marketing. This will help your company grow and increase its reputation. Intercom is a platform that focuses on customers and tools are personalized and individualized to follow the leads and clients through live interaction, using texts and chat apps.


The video is a growing trend in all business areas. So, you should be equipped with a video tool such as Wistia to stay on trend, as your business develops. This tool will help you upload and share your videos internally, but also via email to support your email marketing.

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