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Incorporation – Business

Incorporation is a legal process used to create a form of corporate entity or company. A corporation can be established in nearly all parts of the world and often uses terms such as Inc. or Limited in its name. Creating incorporation includes drafting legal documents called “Articles of Incorporation” that states the primary purpose of the business, for instance, location, the number of shares and class of stocks. Companies are owned by their shareholders. For example, if we are talking about small companies, they can be held by one shareholder, while a large one can include several thousand of shareholders.

In most cases, they are responsible for the payment of their shares, and as owners, they have the right to receive the profit, also known as dividends. Only shareholders have the right to elect the directors of the company. Directors are responsible for the daily activities and the management of the company, and they need to act in the best interest of it. On the other hand, larger ones have a board or several directors. One of the best advantages of the incorporation is that it protects the owner asset and the company is liable for its debts.

3 Formation process for limited companies

Paper process

Paper process – this is highly demanding and complicated task, which involves a lot of proficiency and legal assistance. London House International will submit the paperwork, without including you in this process. We will touch up some details, which are necessary for the submission and the rest is our work.

Electronic process

Electronic process – with the progress of technology, many things are changing in the business world. Time is becoming a highly demanding asset, that’s why many states rely on an electronic process of submission, and the UK is no exception. No longer you have to wait in long line; now we can register your company in a couple of minutes.

Articles of association

Articles of association – companies which are planning to merge into incorporation require a great deal of legal help. The article of association is a legal document that regulates the right of the shareholders and companies merged into the association. We can offer you our legal services in drafting an Article of association.

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